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From the biggest tongue, to the longest ice bath, these are 15 SILLIEST Craziest Guinness World Records !

►Don’t Forget to Subscribe! 7 – Longest Time On Ice
The Netherlands have given us many things, the submarine, the Olympic flame, the microscope, the Bluetooth, The Fire Hose and now Wim Hoff. Wim Hoff is better known by many as The Ice Man and for good reason, this Dutchman currently holds the world record for the longest time spent in direct contact with ice. Wim’s monumental ability to withstand the coldest of temperatures was put to the test by Guinness when in 2009 he managed to remain completely submerged in a bath of ice for one hour, 42 minutes and 22 insane seconds.

6 – Eye Bulging
It’s been described as a squint and a push. Kim Goodman currently holds the world record for popping her eyeballs out of her head! Kim is able to stretch out her eyes to a crazy 12 millimeters beyond her sockets. Kim has had many challengers but remains, according to the Guinness Book, as the top contender for Eye Bulging. Kim found fame after she appeared on Late Night with David Letterman when she first showcased her strange talent for all the world to see. Kim has said that her bizarre talent surfaced after a bump to the head, so kids, probably best not to try this one at home.

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5 – Biggest Burger
It’s billed as the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger and has been featured in Man Vs. Food, wherein the host, Adam Richman and a 40-person army consisting of firefighters, hockey players, wrestlers, police officers and even a Kiss tribute band were unable to put away the one hundred and ninety pounds of pure burger. They were given two full hours, but even between all 40 of them, the massive stack of meat, cheese, veggies and bread proved unbeatable. This insane burger was conceived at Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar which is located in Southgate Michigan. These burger fanatics have been featured in the book of records not once, not even twice but three times for the world’s biggest burger, in 2012, their master meaty crafters produced a 1,000-pound burger. This place brings new meaning to that phrase, eat your hearts out.

4 – Most Piercings
Some call her the human pincushion, meet Elaine Davidson, the Brazilian former restaurant owner turned piercing superstar. As of 2012, Elaine has been pieced a whopping 9,800 times! Guinness actually recognised her back in 2006 when she only had a measly 4,225 piercings, but Elaine continues to challenge and pierce herself, she was first pricked in January of 1997 and has been addicted to the jewelled sensation ever since. Interestingly enough, Elaine has more piercings on her genitalia than any other part of her body, 500 in all, externally and internally.

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3 – Farthest Squirt
I can’t even believe that this is a real thing, but I checked it three times just to be sure. The farthest squirting of milk from the eye goes to Ilker Yilmaz of Turkey. In 2004 this daredevil of milk and eye socket managed to squirt a rain of milk from his eyeball at a record-breaking distance of 9 feet and 6 inches. But, what really gets me is that term record breaking. How many other people before him managed to fire milk from their eye? And why?

2 – Tongue Tied
Ladies take notice, I present to you, the man with the world’s longest tongue! Nick Stoeberl is an artist and comedian from Monterey California and contains one long organ of the mouth. Nick’s tongue is measured at 3.97 inches long from the tip to the lips. Nick has gone on to appear in many televised specials and each time, his tongue has lapped up center stage. Other fun licking records include the Longest Tongue on a Dog which is held by Puggy, a Pekingese pup with a record long tongue of 4.5 inches, take that Nick! And the Heaviest weight lifted by a tongue is held by Thomas Blackthorne of the UK whose monumental mouth organ can lift 12.5 kilogrammes, that’s over 27 pounds of pure tongue infused strength.

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1 – Furthest Arrow Shot With Feet
Nancy Siefker from the sunny fields of California has broken one of the strangest records even conceived by those nuts at Guinness, the furthest distance an arrow has ever been shot using only her feet. The circus artist managed to fire the arrow a crazy 20 feet, that’s over 6 full meters onto a 5.5-inch diameter target using only her feet! The female contortionist has gone on to say that she is currently working on a new act utilising knives and ninja stars with, you guessed it, her feet!

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