2019: Henry Ofulu declares for Delta Assembly5 min read

Henry Ofulu

As 2019 approaches, political office holders and hopefuls are coming out to either seek re-election or make know their intentions to contest for various political positions as freshmen. In the same vein, Comrade Henry Ofulu has declared his intention to represent Ndokwa East in the Delta State House of Assembly.

He made this known when he addressed newsmen recently as he also reeled out his plans in the event that he is elected.

An address made available shortly after the declaration reads: “Let me, first of all, express my profound gratitude to Almighty God and appreciation to all of you for honouring my invitation to attend this epoch-making ceremony at short notice, despite your busy schedules. Indeed this is a true demonstration of your support towards the call for a new dawn in Ndokwa East, it is not just for my own ambition, but those who have the true power and have called me to be their mouthpiece.

“The purpose for gathering here today is to formally declare my intention to contest as the member representing Ndokwa East in the Delta State House of Assembly come 2019 by the divine mandate of the
Almighty God. I am not new to you because I have been here with you. Besides, all of you can attest to the fact that in all of these, I have also remained very active and prompt in the forefront for the betterment of our future.

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“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I have not come to give you a promise of what I have acquired but to know how well we will work together to avoid the errors and mistakes of the past.
We have gone through a lot and deserve to make a bold step forward out of the norms; we have to alter the status quo that has existed which empowers a certain cabal to impose candidates on us without us making our rightful choice. That is why I have decided to come here to solicit for your support and voice as your next House of Assembly representative come 2019.

“I believe this is not for anything else, rather than the love and good intentions all of us have for Ndokwa East, but using different approaches. That is, however, the beauty of democracy – respect for diversity! As we approach 2019, I want to use this opportunity to urge you all to ensure you have your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and guard it jealously, let us not trade it for what will only sustain us for a day but let us use it to make the right decisions for our generations unborn.

“I strongly believe with togetherness, our collective constituency and interest are bigger and more powerful than our individual wills and might. We must therefore not seek pride in blackmailing ourselves when the going gets tough. No one among us today needed to be reminded that we are facing neglects in our communities as the presence of government is more or less not visible due to poor representation which makes us doubt if we are part of the State. We must not mortgage the future of our unborn children and generations to come to aspiring leaders who have no solid achievement or visible project to account for.

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“I am indeed aware of the daunting task ahead of us but as a unifier and trouble-shooter who hopes to rise above divisiveness, pettiness and partisan politics, I am convinced that the task is not insurmountable; and the unavoidability of the challenge requires, among other things, our collective will to forge ahead in solidarity, backed by a dynamic, tolerant, credible and responsible leadership, which you all know I am capable of providing.

“With a legacy of commitment to service, I will endeavour to do the best I can to overcome those critical challenges. That includes, proper representation and making use of our limited resources to meaningfully engage on youth and solve this I can be able to achieve when you accord me the honour and opportunity to serve you this time around as your representative come 2019.

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“At this juncture, I believe I will renege in my duty here today if I fail to give credit where credit is due, having highlighted our shortcomings during the 2012 elections. As I pause to take a deep breath, I can already sense that some of you are curious to know my pedigree if I am well qualified or if I have money to throw about for me to get there, but the answer is a simple ‘Yes’ I am well qualified but as for money, there is no amount of money I will give to you that can change your life nor that of the coming generation but an idea is what I have, a roadmap to a better Ndokwa East is what runs in my blood.

“I implore us not to judge any aspirants for any positions on the sizes or weights of their pockets or purses as in the past, but by the value, they attach to our society, their individual capacities, character, motivation and commitment. Finally, I am pleading for your supports come 2019 to become your next representative in the Delta State House of Assembly. Support me to serve you in good faith for us to build a better Ndokwa East and restore that good image, character and reputation we are known for that each and every one of us will be proud of.