34 MILLION! New Subway Surf world record! Unbelieveble highscore in subway surfers2 min read


34 MILLION! New Subway Surf world record! Unbelieveble highscore in subway surfers 108 thousand coins in one run!!!

Do u like Subway Surfers? And what is your high score? I play the game since its release and I can say that this is my favorite game! My first record was about a million (1,150,000 or something). My friends were astonished! They didn’t believe that it is possible. A month later the got the same record in Subway Surfers. But I had had 3 million. They didn’t believe me and so on. They said I am cheating and so. But I didn’t. I mean it. I didn’t. But they didn’t believed me anyway.
I kept playing subway surf all the time. All my free time i spent playing the game. Everybody was amazed seeing me play.
I kept practicing my Subway surfers skills to make the world record. It was very annoying and nervous, because when u have 5+ million in the game and this st*pid train runs you over u are ready to throw it out the window. Playing the game become my addiction.

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Few month later I started recording my runs, because i wanted to prove my friends that my records in subway surfers are real. And i day i decided, that it’s my turn. I decided to make high score. After some unsuccessful attempts I switched on recorder and started my run…

In two and a half hours i had this high score! 34 MILLION with 108 thousand coins. The length of the video was 2,5 hours and i decided to crop the video. Here u can see the result!

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