Boris Johnson reveals he is a fan of ‘delicious’ £180-a-bottle wine beloved by Meghan1 min read


Boris Johnson reveals he is a fan of ‘delicious’ £180-a-bottle wine beloved by Meghan

Boris Johnson has revealed he is a fan of a £180-a-bottle red wine loved by the Duchess of Sussex. 

He told of his admiration for Italian wine Tignanello, saying: ‘Someone bought me a crate of it and I had no idea how expensive it was. I was just glugging it back.

‘And it turned out that it’s £180-a-bottle. It’s extraordinary stuff. I mean it was delicious.’

Meghan Markle used its name to inspire her former lifestyle blog The Tig. Mr Johnson said: ‘I discovered it was the favourite wine of Meghan Markle. I discovered it by Googling. I was so amazed by this wine, I thought – what is this stuff?’

He was speaking during a photocall at a Wetherspoon pub near London’s Baker Street station with the chain’s founder Tim Martin.

Mr Johnson said he enjoys drinking alcohol and regretted giving it up for six weeks last year.

Tignanello was first produced in the early 1970s by Piero Antinori whose family began making wine in 1385. It has won awards around the world. Bottles can cost up to £400 depending on the vintage.

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