Buhari’s administration affected me but -Adewale Ayuba1 min read


In recent times, Nigerian entertainers have continued to boldly share their thoughts on the APC-Buhari led government and Bonsue fuji musician, Adewale Ayuba is not left out.

Sharing his opinion on the Buhari led government so far during a chat with Showtime; Ayuba explained how Buhari’s fight against corruption has affected his fortunes.


“Yes, Buhari has been able to fight corruption to a halt. Though it has affected me too because there is no more free money in circulation. When there is free money in circulation, there will be lots of shows for me to perform and get paid, but nothing of such now.”

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He added that he hasn’t benefited from Buhari’s government financially , but asserted that he would still support him in the forthcoming presidential elections.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day. If there is continuity, of course I will vote for Buhari again. Nigeria must be better and that’s the most important thing”, he said.