CASH IN THE ATTIC: Punk treasures that could fetch thousands2 min read


CASH IN THE ATTIC: From God Save The Queen single, to Westwood clothes… the punk treasures that could fetch thousands of pounds

Every week we give the low-down on the value of forgotten treasures that may be gathering dust at home.

A rare pressing of the God Save The Queen single by The Sex Pistols on the A&M label has just sold for £13,000.

Most of the 25,000 copies of this classic 1977 single were destroyed when the record label dropped the punk band a few days after its March release – when they were sacked for being impossible to manage.

But get your hands on one of the handful of survivors and it will fetch a five-figure sum. God Save The Queen was re-released that May by Richard Branson’s Virgin Records label to coincide with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. These later copies sell for £10.

An original 1976 Sex Pistols tour poster might go for £3,000. Sid Vicious – who died of a drug overdose in 1979 – is the most collectable band member and his rare signatures can sell for £1,000.

The most sought-after punk clothes are those by Vivienne Westwood, who ran the SEX clothes shop in London’s Kings Road with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren in the 1970s. 

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Pull out a pair of Westwood tartan bondage trousers from the back of the wardrobe and you have a £4,000 find.