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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Encourage fitness to delay development, progression, and death from COPD, say researchers — ScienceDaily

Good heart and lung (cardiorespiratory) fitness in middle age is associated with a lower long term risk of chronic lung disease (COPD), suggests Danish...

Shedding light on ‘black box’ of inpatient opioid use — ScienceDaily

People who receive opioids for the first time while hospitalized have double the risk of continuing to receive opioids for months after discharge compared...

The gay men breaking blood donation rules

The men believe who they have sex with should not prevent them from giving blood.

Listeria outbreak: More affected hospitals named

Eight hospitals have reported cases of listeria linked to sandwiches and salads eaten by patients.

Prescription drugs sold illegally in Uganda

The BBC has uncovered evidence that prescription drugs have been taken out of circulation by health workers and sold on illegally.

What personalised medicine could mean for your health

Technology is making it possible to tailor treatments to ever smaller groups of patients.

The researchers found that adults with higher reading-related knowledge are likelier to provide positive...

Some languages -- like English -- are tricky to pick up easily. Young children learning to read and write English often need to identify patterns...

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