Dixie Divers GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement of orchestrating the Longest Underwater Human Chain2 min read


On Saturday, June 16, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt resulted in 386 certified divers from around the world simultaneously linking up underwater at Deerfield Beach in Florida.

Dixie Divers had attempted this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title last year and this year invited certified divers from around the world to partake in the historic event. Participants young and old, ranging in experience level from novice to expert came from as far away as Canada, Germany and Brazil to help accomplish this prestigious title and become connected to the GUINNES WORLD RECORDS family. Until now, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record was held by Cesena Blue, for a successful attempt involving 308 divers in Forli-Cesena, Italy, in May 2017. On December 2, 2017 that record was beaten by Dive Industry of Victoria in Australia with 353 divers. We came after June 16, now we are record holder with 386 divers.
In preparation for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt, each diver was required to wear a numbered clip to ensure Dixie Divers could easily determine the total headcount upon completion. Dive clubs, dive teams and members of other dive stores donned branded company/team T-shirts, headbands and other gear to distinguish their organizations during the event. The groups were organized into groups of 20 divers each with 2 group leaders. Each group leader was a certified Divemaster or Instructor.

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In keeping with PADI©s commitment to ocean conservation and protection, before the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt, participants rallied to support Dixie Diver©s annual pier cleanup. Over 300 volunteers, consisting of divers, snorkelers and on-land support, collected one-half ton of lead, 52 pounds of wood, 161 pounds of finishing line, 104 pounds of metal, 102 pounds of miscellaneous debris, for a total of 1,465 pounds of material removed from Deerfield Beach shores. Additionally, 219 miles of fishing line was removed from the bottom of the pier.

“We©ve been conducting the annual pier clean-up for 13 years and, with the addition of our GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM attempt at the Longest Underwater Human Chain, the event has continued to grow each year,© said Arilton Pavan, owner of Dixie Divers. “Divers and non-divers are drawn to this event each year, and we are proud to not only host this incredible achievement, but to further support the health of our oceans by doing our part to keep our local beaches clean.
Dixie Divers was formally awarded its GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate immediately after the achievement on June 16.

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