Donald Tusk describes the ancient city’s architecture as ‘a circle of boring identical facades’ 3 min read


Donald Tusk is accused of ‘insulting’ Bath after describing the ancient city’s architecture as ‘a circle of boring identical facades’

  • Donald Tusk described The Circus in Bath as a ‘circle of boring identical facades’
  • Mr Tusk slammed the Somerset city in his recently published memoir Szczerze  
  • He painted a bleak picture of nearby village Box where ‘the days are dark grey’  

Donald Tusk has described a historic row of townhouses in Bath as a ‘circle of boring identical facades’ and said ‘god knows why’ it has heritage status, in his memoir.

The Polish former president of the European Council recalled his visit to The Circus in the Somerset city of Bath in the recently published Szczerze.

He previously attended a language school in the area to help ‘Polish’ his English before David Cameron conducted his last-ditch negotiations with the EU before the Brexit vote in 2016.  

In his memoir, he appeared immune to the charms of Bath’s Georgian architecture which saw the city earn the status of World Heritage Site in the 1980s.

Mr Tusk initially expected the townhouses to be ‘one of the best works of British architecture’.

But he instead wrote ‘god knows why’ upon visiting and slammed them for being a ‘a circle of boring, identical facade’, according to the Telegraph.

He continued: ‘A few hundred meters away there is a small Jane Austen museum, she lived here for several years. Pride and Prejudice would make a good motto for Brexit.’

When reflecting on his time in the neighbouring village Box, he described it as ‘cold’ and ‘it winds mercilessly and rains almost all of the time’.

The former EU council head painted a grim picture of Box where ‘the nights are black, the days are dark grey’ while suffering from a fever and cough.    

Mr Tusk concluded: ‘I might just as well go and hang myself.’

David Crellin, of the History of Bath Research Group, was left ‘staggered’ by the comments.

He told the Telegraph: ‘Its repetitiveness and common nature is its strength, not its weakness – it is a pity that Tusk does not appreciate that vision as it overwhelms many people when they look at it for the first time.’

Sue Swainbank, of Bath Tours, was ‘quite insulted’ and criticised Mr Tusk for showing a ‘lack of appreciation’.

Others were quick to poke fun at his poor experience with British weather.

Kathryn Davis, of Visit Bath, said it was ‘unfortunate’ he faced ‘inclement weather’, and could have considered other activities which didn’t require mild weather.      

A county councillor Robin Moss argued that he ‘must be used’ to the weather.

He added: ‘It’s not as though he comes from Italy.’

Jon Waring, 48, taught Mr Tusk grammar and vocabulary and claimed the former European Council head was ‘natural and normal’ when he met Polish people in Bath. 

He gave him the impression that he ‘liked being back in Bath after 20 years’.