Dramatic video shows surprisingly simple ways to put out the flames 2 min read


What should you do if your clothes are on fire? Dramatic video shows surprisingly simple ways to put out the flames

  • A soldier set his friend’s uniform alight before extinguishing it with his hands
  • In the bizarre clip, he sets his chest and leg alight before swiping the flame out
  • The member of Indonesia’s Civil Defence willingly allows members to try it out

A soldier has revealed a simple hack for putting out a flame in a video of him pressing both hands on a member of his group’s arm and swiping it out.

The bizarre footage shows a member of Indonesia’s Civil Defense holding his arm out with a flickering flame on his military uniform in Indonesia.  

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He tries to pat the flame out but fails and then attempts to press down on it.

He put his hand at the top of his friend's shoulder

Seconds later, he moved down his arm and pressed over the flame

A Civil Defense soldier put out a flame on a member of his group’s arm with a simple swipe of his hand in Indonesia

Moments later, another member of his group, who appears calm, swipes his hands down his group member’s shoulder and arm, in the clip appearing to have been filmed in a makeshift room.

In one stroke, the soldier manages to put out the flame.

The cameraman and people in the background can be heard clapping and praising him for putting it out so quickly, in the video shared on December 2.

But in a bizarre turn of events, the man who put out the flame, uses a lighter to start another flame on the same arm of his friend.

Perhaps in a bid to show off his new talent, he then performs the trick again and receives another round of applause. 

Seconds later, he sprays on to the soldier’s legs and sets alight his trousers.

Another member of the group then sprays his chest as the seemingly willing soldier, who appears to have become a guinea pig of this new hack, leans back.

On cue, a flame flickers across his stomach and he swipes his arm down his chest and instantly puts it out.

His military jacket is sprayed with chemicals before he dramatically jumps on to the ground to extinguish it.