Guinness book of world records1 min read


The Guinness Book of World Records was probably the greatest marketing campaign ever created…

For those that don’t know. It was originally invented by the MD of the Guinness brewery (Sir Hugh Beaver) way back in 1954, as a way of promoting Guinness.

Sir Hugh had the idea whilst out shooting. One of his party asked what the fastest game bird in Europe was called. But no-one could find the answer in any of the current reference books.

On his return. Sir Hugh. Invited the McWhirter twins (you may remember Norris from record breakers) to compile a book of facts & figures from around the world.

Check this out  Guinness World Record

At the time who knew that the book would go on to become an all-time best seller & one of the most recognised & trusted brands in the world. Together with Guinness.

It’s an amazing true story. And has our team back at printing solutions HQ racking our brains. On how to create an equally good idea. To promote Simple Honest Service throughout the North West.

Now. Here’s a question for you…

Have you ever come across a promotion better than The Guinness Book of World Records?