Lets Break a Guinness World Record in Flash Photography1 min read


Event Page : http://bit.ly/RHWorldRecord
Godox User Group : http://bit.ly/GodoxUG

On October 25th, 2019, Godox/Flashpoint users will come together and attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most flashes used in a single photo. Currently the record is 300, done by Jason Groupp with Lumopro flashes and radio poppers at the After Dark photography event in 2011.

I’d like to do this with Godox users coming together with their own equipment, rather than relying on a a warehouse getting emptied to make it happen.
All you need to do is bring ANY Godox X / Flashpoint R2 Series / Equivalent flash to join in the group photo. In order for it to count in the world record, the flashes must be visible in the image. So, it will be a group portrait with everyone holding them up.
Exact location (will be very close to Photoplus expo) will be announced the day before the event. Channel / Group information will be given out at the event.

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This event is sponsored by Adorama, who will be doing a giveaway at the event. The giveaway includes:
5 Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X (Godox V1) : 1 for each camera brand
1 Flashpoint Evolv 200 Pro (AD200 Pro)
1 Clar Illumi Max 300 LED

Grand Prize : The Xplor 600 Pro Manual ( AD600 Pro without TTL ). Awarded to the person who brings the most flashes.

Please invite any Godox user who is going to Photoplus or an NYC resident.