Steve Salmasian | Guinness World Record Attempt | Diamond Push-Ups1 min read


On June 16th, 2019, I attempted to break a Guinness World Record for Most Diamond Push-Ups in One Minute and did just that. I beat the previous record of 84 reps with 85 reps. This was my third time breaking a Guinness World Record.

FYI, these push-ups were followed to Guinness Standards. After attempting to break this record 20+ times, I finally did it. Could not have done it without my supporting cast at BIG BB Performance Center. Also, with the help of BIG BB Performance — GlycoForce, I was able to stay hydrated during my workouts and attempts.

Thank you to everyone who believed in me. LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to this channel for more videos to come. Stay tuned and find out what my next record breaking attempt will be.

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