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Turkey World largest baklava
Turkey Claims to Break Guinness World Record for Largest Baklava

A group of chefs in Turkey claimed to have broken the Guinness record for the largest baklava in the world on Thursday (March 22, 2018) with a giant tray of the pastry dessert weighing over 500 kilos.

The giant baklava was presented at a “Gastronomy Summit” in Ankara, where dozens of visitors clamoured for a chance to have a piece of the record-breaking dessert.

Mehmet Kanbur, who led the group of 14 chefs and is also the head of Turkey’s Mado patisserie chain, said the tray weighed 518 kilos and had been in the works for some six months.

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Baklava, whose origin has long been a topic of debate between Turkey and Greece, is a signature Turkish dessert associated with the southern province of Gaziantep, where chefs prepare it with fresh pistachios.
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