Usman Khan looks calm as he buys a £4.99 chicken meal just days before London Bridge rampage3 min read


The takeaway terrorist: Killer Usman Khan looks calm and collected as he buys a £4.99 chicken meal with a Coke just days before London Bridge knife rampage

  • Usman Khan, 28, was spotted enjoying a meal alone days before going to London
  • CCTV from Staffordshire, last Tuesday shows him eating the £4.99 chicken meal
  • Three days later, Khan carried out his London Bridge attack, killing two people

Footage of London Bridge killer Usman Khan enjoying a takeaway just days before he carried out his horrific attack has emerged.

Khan, 28, killed Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, in Central London last Friday, injuring several others in his rampage. 

Now, CCTV from Staffordshire last Tuesday shows Khan eating a £4.99 chicken meal with a Coke, three days before he travelled to the capital and carried out his attack.

Khan is dressed in a high-collared grey jacket and appears to be wearing glasses with dark lenses.

He looks calm and collected as he sits alone in the takeaway, seemingly keen on keeping a low profile.   

A worker at the takeaway shop told the Mirror last night: ‘I can’t believe he was freed to kill.’ 

Khan was later spotted by neighbours on Thursday,  just 24 hours before he was shot dead by police in London after his frenzied attack.

They said he was in the driver’s seat of a private hire taxi and ‘acting suspiciously’ by ‘staring’ at people as they walked past. 

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: ‘We’ve seen him around here a bit recently. I know him because I went to the same school as him.

‘Me and my wife saw him last Thursday. He was in a private hire taxi parked round the corner from his dad’s home on the end. She noticed because she said he was staring at everyone walking past, including her. I’d seen him earlier so God knows how long he was sitting out there.

‘I’d seen him in a silver taxi before but he was in a black car last week. In the past I’ve seen him with some kids in the car. I think he was dropping them off at school.

‘It’s mad to think the day after we saw him acting strange he was on the rampage in London.’

Khan travelled to London after being invited to a prisoner rehabilitation conference on Friday. 

The event was organised held by Learning Together, a programme associated with Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology.

He was on licence and wearing an electronic monitoring tag when he launched the attack, after being given permission to travel to the capital.

Learning Together had assisted Khan while he was in prison, as well as after his release. 

Khan, pictured using a laptop, was signed up to the Cambridge University-run programme Learning Together

Khan, pictured using a laptop, was signed up to the Cambridge University-run programme Learning Together

Khan, 28, was shot dead by armed police after killing two people during a terror attack on London Bridge on Friday

Khan, 28, murdered two people at a prisoner rehabilitation conference less than a year after being released from prison 

The programmed described him as a success story and Khan even wrote organisers a thank-you note after they provided him with a computer he could use without breaching his licence.

His thank-you letter to staff claimed that the Learning Together programme had a ‘special place in [his] heart’. 

It is understood that one of Khan’s victims, Mr Merritt, who was a coordinator for the course, worked with him while he was in prison.

Such was his apparent turnaround after an arrest for plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2010, Cambridge University encouraged Khan to apply for a place as an undergraduate student.

And in an astonishing report called Learning Together by staff at Whitemoor prison, Khan’s apparent rehabilitation was used as a case study promoting its work.