What having good sex means to me – Hannah Ogundare2 min read


By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actress turned blogger, Hannah Ogundare doesn’t take prisoners when it comes to expressing her mind. She wouldn’t exactly call herself a feminist, yet she’s all woman, a woman, who loves to have her man come to the party when it comes to satisfying her sexually and making her feel like a real woman.

Hannah Ogundare

“Sex is an integral part of human relationships. It is a means of expression and bonding and I love having good sex with my man.  But I can stay in a relationship without sex because I have so much to offer in my relationship.  A relationship shouldn’t be all about sex only, unlike other ladies who say ‘remove sex from a relationship and you would see a lot of people have nothing to offer’”, she answered when asked by Potpourri whether she could do without sex in a relationship or not.

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“I love romance too. Romantic relationships can be a ticket to good health! Love isn’t all about the butterflies. There are chemical processes in the brain that affect how we feel. When a man and a women meet in an intimate circumstance the body releases hormones, like oxytocin and dopamine, that signal feelings of trust, pleasure, and reward and all that happens in the brain may be good for the heart through romance. I love to be cuddled like a baby,” she added.

Not one to develop cold feet when talking about sex and love, Hannah aptly describes what it means to her to have had a good sex and all that comes with it.

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“Good sex is simply satisfying each other (both male and female and not just one party) but I hear Nigerian men are not romantic and good in bed.  They only describe sex as good when they have come, not minding if they have satisfied the woman or not. I pity a lot of them because their women are only deceiving them and do not want them to feel bad about themselves

“Being in love plays a very good role in having great sex. I could only really enjoy sex with the man I’m in love with. And once I’m in love with a man, all sex with him feels amazing to me. Sometimes, I really don’t care about the position, the time frame or anything like that, because we would have had mental foreplay throughout the night and by the time actual sex happened, we would have basically torn each other’s clothes off and finished within three minutes. Most good sex happens before the real sex, she quipped.

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