World's Largest Collection of Sugar Packets – Guinness World Record 2012 – Kristen Dennis1 min read


The largest collection of sugar packets consists of 9,596 different sugar packets and belongs to Kristen Dennis (USA), in Chicago, USA, as of 11 February 2012.

Beginning with a Burger King sugar packet in the summer of 1998, she has collected 9,596 different packets from restaurants, airlines, hotels and other places.

Filmed in Chicago on February 11, 2012, this video documents the official counting event of the entire collection by two approved witnesses, accompanied by many of Kristen’s family and friends. It took a total of about 6 hours to count each packet. The count sheets as well as photo and video documentation were submitted to Guinness for review, and she got it!

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Filmed and Edited By: David Gurak
Music: Au Revoir Simone – Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Official Guinness World Record: